Hourly Axe Throwing Session

Axe throwing is a fun, stress-relieving activity for groups of almost any age. As long as you’re over the age of 10 and have the desire to participate, there’s something the sport of axe throwing can do for you. Have 6 or less people and just want to throw for an hour?

  • If connectivity issues happen for more than 2 weeks in a given season, please contact WATL for guidance.
  • We can host private events with 90+ people for any occasion; from corporate team building to bachelor/bachelorette parties and more.
  • All lanes are shareable unless you purchase 8 or more spots for your party.
  • All sanctioned Big Axe tournaments will consist of the best 2/3 matches.
  • My family had an amazing experience here.
  • Due to shutdowns, if international throwers can not compete in the scheduled qualifying throws, there will be a second round at a later date.

An exception will be made if another Regional Tournament is geographically closer to a throwers home residence. Circuit Points will automatically be assigned to the league that gives the player the most Circuit Points. Masks will still be mandatory for players who are not vaccinated.

Safety Protocols & Procedures We promote safety across all urban axe throwing facilities recognized by the WATL. After countless months of planning, all while not overlooking even the smallest of details in the design, Wild Axe Throwing was born. Our mission is simple.

If it is necessary to play more than 8 single player games per season due to extenuating circumstances, WATL® must be contacted in writing via email for approval. 11. If either player calls for a second opinion, either on their axe or their opponents, both players must return behind the fault line until the second judge calls the score.

Competitors will participate in the WATL Leagues with other players, but will have additional rules and qualifying criteria in place in order to maintain Pro League status. If there is a fault by either thrower, the team is penalized with a fault and both throwers will receive a zero for that throw. Only the two participating throwers and the axe throwing judge are allowed inside the lane at one time. This includes ensuring the area behind the throwers is clear of any other person up to 5′. As of 2020, there are hundreds of axe throwing venues across Canada, USA, Australia, Europe and Thailand. The typical axe throwing venue in North America has at least five lanes and a place to sit, watch and write down points.

Reservations are required We cannot guarantee that reservations will be available during all open hours.

Our regular price is $44.25 per person (Friday – Saturday). There is a minimum of 8 people for this booking. Axe throwing is fun for all ages!

Join the League!

Axe throwing sessions are either 1 or 2 hours. Your group will be paired with one of our axe coaches who will briefly guide you through a set of safety rules and train each thrower 1-on-1. The coach will assist you in improving your technique throughout your session.

Experience the game-changing benefits of the square handle axes and take your throwing game to the next level. Each session starts with a group safety & training induction. We take safety super seriously – after all, we are throwing axes. Yosemite Axe Throwing offers drop-ins, party bookings, and league play. No experience necessary — just bring closed-toed shoes and an awesome attitude, and we show you the rest. Great venue for axe throwing.

Our staff will set you up with the appropriate number of lanes for your group . You will not share lanes with people of a different party. I highly recommend visiting The Smart Axe.

All spectators must be to the side or at least 5ft behind throwers. Local guidelines regarding Covid-19 must be adhered to at any WATL® sanctioned event. Pending a formal investigation, WATL® reserves the right to suspend the thrower or spectator in question for a minimum of 6 months.

Hourly Axe Throwing Session
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