National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF) Open: A Look into One of America’s Premier Axe Throwing Competitions

The National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF) Open is one competition that has aided in the sport’s explosion in popularity in recent years in the United States. A display of their abilities in a range of disciplines, this competition brings together some of the top axe throwers in the nation. The opportunity to wager on events like the NATF Open increases along with the sport’s growth.

History of the NATF Open

Since 2016, the NATF Open has been conducted annually and is one of the top axe-throwing competitions in the US. Various activities that test athletes’ skills and knowledge are included in the competition, which is open to both professional and amateur competitors.

Many well-known competitors, like Tim Packer, Maria Ellingsen, and Chad Beals, have become champions. The competition is regarded as a premier occasion in the axe-throwing community and continues to attract sizable audiences and media interest.

Rules and Format of the NATF Open

Multiple competitions make up the NATF Open, and each has its own rules and guidelines:

  1. Traditional axe throwing: In this competition, the goal is to score as many points as possible by striking the bullseye or the innermost circle that is nearest to it.
  2. Axe throwing with double elimination: Each participant gets five throws, and the contestant with the highest score advances to the next round.
  3. Express axe throwing: This competition aims to accurately hurl a small hatchet from 10 to 20 feet towards a target.
  4. Other competitions: Additional competitions include trick shots, axe throwing for the win, and team events, among others.

Competitors and Contenders

The NATF Open draws a wide range of elite athletes nationwide, including professionals and amateurs. Tim Packer regarded as one of the best axe throwers in the United States, and Maria Ellingsen, who has won numerous championships and is renowned for her accuracy and precision, are two of the top competitors to keep an eye out for this year.

Betting on the NATF Open

Like betting on any other sport, the NATF Open presents an exciting chance for gamblers to earn a substantial quantity of money perhaps. You can wager on the event in various ways, including the overall winner, specific circumstances, and props.

The competition’s overall winner can be bet on, or bettors can choose specific events and place bets on the competitors they think will prevail in particular contests. Prop bets, which let players wager on unusual outcomes like the number of bullseyes thrown during a specific round, provide an extra element of excitement to the game.


Axe throwing is becoming increasingly well-liked, contributing to the growth of thrilling tournaments like the NATF Open. The likelihood of putting wagers on such games will increase as more individuals get involved in the sport. Betting on the NATF Open adds excitement and the chance to win big. It gives spectators a thrilling opportunity to witness some top American athletes compete.

National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF) Open: A Look into One of America’s Premier Axe Throwing Competitions

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