World Axe Throwing League (WATL) World Championship and the Rise of Betting on Axe Throwing

Previously restricted to lumberjack events, axe throwing has gained popularity in recent years, largely thanks to the WATL World Championship, which is regarded as the world’s best axe-throwing event. Top-ranked axe throwers worldwide have travelled to the competition to compete in various categories, including doubles competitions, long-distance competitions, and traditional competitions. Axe-throwing betting is becoming increasingly popular as the sport’s appeal grows, giving spectators a thrilling chance to back their favourite competitors and maybe cash in big.

History of the WATL World Championship

The world’s most significant and crucial axe-throwing competition is the World Championship of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL), which takes place every year in the middle of December. It started in 2017 and has gained popularity, drawing a sizable audience of participants and admirers alike. Top-ranked axe throwers from across the world compete for three days in various competitions to take home the top prize.

The event has a long history, and some of the most iconic moments in the sport have occurred during previous competitions. Tyler Patner, a young Canadian axe thrower, won the competition’s first year, taking home the top prize and establishing himself as one of the best competitors in the discipline. The following year, more people came to see the competition as athletes from all over the world competed against one another. The WATL World Championship took things a step further in 2019, hosting a two-day contest with more than 120 axe throwers from all over the world and, for the first time, a double-elimination format, which made for an even more thrilling competition.

Rules and Format of the WATL World Championship

Multiple competitions make up the WATL World Championship, and each has its own rules and guidelines:

  1. Axes are thrown at a wooden target with five concentric circles in the traditional axe-throwing competition. The goal is to strike the centre circle, or “bullseye,” scored in ascending order, to get the most points.
  2. Axe Throwing in Progress: Also referred to as “NATF style,” this competition uses the same rules as Traditional Axe Throwing but a slightly different scoring system. Each thrower in this competition is given ten throws, and once all throws have been made, the final score is calculated.
  3. Long-Distance Axe Throwing: In this event, contestants use an axe that is 28 inches long and throw it 25 feet at a wooden target. The goal is to place the axe as close to the target as possible; the thrower who comes the closest wins.
  4. Doubles Axe Throwing: In this event, two contestants hurl axes simultaneously, with each throw’s score being counted separately. Each participant makes five throws, and the winner is determined by adding the total scores.

Each event is divided into rounds, with the victor moving on to the next round until a champion is declared.

Competitors and Contenders

Top-ranked axe throwers from all over the world compete in the WATL World Championship; prior champions Tyler Patner, Justin Campagne, and Kyle Titus are all regarded as some of the best in the sport. The competition is renowned for bringing together professional and amateur athletes, giving each contestant an equal chance to succeed.

With several well-known competitors fighting for the crown, this year’s competition is anticipated to be equally as fiercely uncompromising as previous competitions. They include seasoned competitors like Justin Campagne and Kyle Titus, who have both won the title in the past and up-and-comers like Kara Hilliard, who has recently gained recognition in the axe-throwing community.

Betting on the WATL World Championship

Axe-throwing betting offers spectators a thrilling opportunity to get in on the action and support their favourite athletes, even though it may not be as popular as betting on traditional sports like football or basketball. Axe-throwing betting does not have a standardised framework. However, many online and offline sportsbooks currently provide odds on the WATL World Championship and other axe-throwing competitions.

The most common axe-throwing wagers are those on the overall champion of the competition, wagers on particular competitors or events, and prop bets on things like the total number of bullseyes made during the championship or the score in a specific event. Sportsbooks base their selection of betting odds on some variables, including prior results, the amount of expertise and experience of the opposition, and the state of the market.

Axe throwing’s acceptance as a sport increases with its wagering possibilities. Many people are interested in betting on axe throwing, as evidenced by the significant amounts of money wagered on events like the WATL World Championship. Axe-throwing bets are now available at numerous online sportsbooks, making it simpler than ever for spectators to get involved in the action. Odds availability varies by sportsbook and area, though.


The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) World Championship is the biggest event in the sport, drawing elite competitors worldwide and providing supporters with an exhilarating chance to cheer on their favourite competitors. The championship offers various disciplines and challenges for athletes, including traditional axe throwing, long-distance axe throwing, and doubles events. Axe throwing is a sport that is becoming increasingly well-liked, and with that popularity comes the possibility of betting on competitions like the WATL World Championship and others. Betting on axe throwing will only grow in popularity over the coming years, given that prominent bookmakers currently provide a wide choice of bets. The WATL World Championship and other axe-throwing competitions are, therefore, absolutely worth checking out, whether you’re a fan of the sport or just searching for a new betting opportunity.

World Axe Throwing League (WATL) World Championship and the Rise of Betting on Axe Throwing

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